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Alexander Partners

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Alexander Partners provides individualised mentoring and career coaching for final year students, recent graduates and school leavers. Our unique approach helps our clients transition successfully into the workplace. We partner with them to develop a clear vision for their future and strategies for success.

What makes Alexander Partners different from recruitment agencies? We do not simply assist with employment; we show our clients how to build careers. We not only assess their strengths and weaknesses, but we provide training and timely advice to help bridge the gap between a qualified applicant and successful employee. Employers can rest assured that new hires from Alexander Partners are not only qualified but have the soft skills and character that will thrive in their corporate culture. In addition, applicants can be confident that they have the support of a mentor who is committed to their vision of success.

Our team of dedicated professionals has over twenty years of experience inspiring, guiding, and educating talented young people. What can Alexander Partners do for you?

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