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The China Teaching Experience

Teach in China
Deadline: 31/03/2018

The China Teaching Experience

The China Teaching Experience

About The China Teaching Experience

Hello, and welcome to The China Teaching Experience. We enable graduates (in any subject area) to live and work in China, experiencing first-hand all that China has to offer. Our primary opportunity kicks off in August each year, and runs in conjunction with two separate Chinese organisations: (1) The China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE), and (2) Global Advance Education. Successful applicants will enjoy a salaried placement at a CEAIE-approved or Global Advance Education-approved school, college or university in China, teaching English for two academic semesters. We also have an all year round start date option, for those wishing to teach at a private language centre, most typically in Shanghai. Whether you are looking for an affordable way to travel, to gain valuable teaching experience, or to simply broaden your horizons, The China Teaching Experience would love to help you do it!


Standardised Placements - China 2018

  • Oral English teacher, at a kindergarten, school or University, in any of 15 provinces across China.
  • 10 month salaried placement (August/September 2018 - June/July 2019).
  • Free accommodation (and usually utilities) for the entire year.
  • One month (roughly) paid travel time in Jan/Feb. Applicants often take this opportunity to travel around South East Asia.
  • Free TEFL qualification, and 10-day training camp in Beijing, China.
  • Your flights are refunded (roughly) on the completion of your contract


*The Shanghai Pacican option does not include free accommodation or salary during the Jan/Feb holiday.


A ‘Non-Commercial’, Personal Approach

The China Teaching Experience will never seek to take any cut from the money you earn. This, we believe, differentiates us massively from the vast majority of our competitors. Our China 2018 opportunities instead represent a wonderful system of cooperation, where our partner schools are encouraged by the CEAIE or Global Advance Education to accept our standardised conditions, conditions that have been especially tailored to benefit our applicants in as many ways as possible.



No Teaching Experience Necessary

The majority of applicants have no teaching experience whatsoever. This is no problem at all. In fact, the entire thing has been especially set-up to tailor to such applicants. The free TEFL course will supply you with the necessary skills and qualifications that you need to become a successful English teacher in China.

Case Study 1

Elizabeth Sealey - China 2015 applicant

Elizabeth Sealey studied BA Drama and Theatre Practice at the University of Hull before spending ten months abroad teaching English as part of The China Teaching Experience.

Why did you choose The China Teaching Experience?

The idea of finding a graduate job was pretty daunting, and quite difficult. I also wanted the chance to explore and travel before accepting adult life. It offered something different, a chance to live in a new country, and embrace a new culture, while gaining valuable work experience.

Where did you live? What was it like?

I lived in Foshan, a big city in the southern Guangdong province. It’s about a two-hour train ride from Hong Kong. There’s lots of open space and it’s very well connected, which was great for travelling around China, as well as the rest of Asia.

To give you an idea of living costs, four of us would go out for dinner and drinks for less than £20. Luckily for me, a lot of the Foshan locals spoke some basic English, which certainly helped at the start.

What were the biggest challenges?

It was probably learning to accept that China is a world away from anything I’d ever known. It’s almost impossible to describe it to somebody who hasn’t been. The Chinese eat, communicate, negotiate, and even sleep differently. It really is like going to a different planet.

What have you gained from the experience?

Teaching in China was an experience that I would never have expected to affect me in so many ways. I’ve made friends for life, and have memories that I’ll never forget.

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Job Opening(s) from The China Teaching Experience

Teach in China

  • Industry Sector: Hospitality, leisure & tourism, Teaching & education
  • Location: Rest of the world
  • Deadline: 31/03/2018

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