Diversity & Inclusion


Creating a space where everybody feels welcome

We champion our diverse network and believe inclusion is key to creating successful events. At our core, we are consistently working to ensure that GradJobs Live! is a place where everyone feels welcome and has equal access to the fantastic job opportunities on offer.

In order to achieve this, we work closely with:

Diversity at GradJobs Live 

We are proud to work with some fantastic partners that actively address the challenges faced by graduates when entering the job market. This insight helps us to put diversity and inclusion into the spotlight, starting discussions and fostering conversations that continue working towards a more equal hiring system.

Across both days at the event, we will host a number of dedicated talks, networking sessions and forums for students and graduates. We recognise that each individual will face different challenges on their recruitment journey, so aim to provide relevant and tailored support to ensure everyone has the best chance of success. 

Supported by:

Diversity partners at GradJobs Live!

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