Skills for Business Workshops

Learn skills that will benefit you now and in the future

Degree - tick! Now its time to transition from university to working life.

With so much focus on the recruitment stage, being ready to function in the workplace is often a quality overlooked by graduates. In order to deliver what is expected of you and progress your career, a basic understanding of business is essential. The Skills for Business Workshops at GradJobs Live! can help unlock your creative confidence and give you the edge required in a competitive job market.

It's difficult to undo a first impression, so make sure any interviews or first days of work are a success by learning to demonstrate your true potential.

This free workshop will help you find out:

  • What the key attributes required for businesses are
  • If you are ready for the working world and what skills you are missing
  • What is required for you to stand out

Sessions last 1 hour and will take place throughout both days.

Please note that spaces are limited so please book your place early at the GradJobs Starting Point when you arrive at the exhibition to avoid disappointment.

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