Skills for Business Workshops

Become part of the next generation of business brilliance

So you have got your degree or are just about to get it. Well done! Now learn the skills to make sure you are work-ready from day one.

To land a job and build a career, you need to understand the practicalities of business and know how to deliver what is expected of you. This is where GradJobs Live! can help you. Come along and participate in our free workshops designed to give you a competitive advantage in the fierce graduate market.

Topics include:

  • Discover the key skills required for businesses
  • Find out if you are ready for business and identify the skills you are missing
  • Understand what is required for you to stand out from the crowd

Sessions last for 1 hour and will take place across both days at London and Birmingham.

Please note that spaces are limited so please book your place early at the GradJobs Starting Point when you arrive at the exhibition to avoid disappointment.

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